Do you like to watch live Sports Events?    Play along with Live Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Football Games on theFireFan Sports App.  FireFan covers Pro, College and International sporting events.  Follow your favorite sports, teams, and players.  The games asks you questions prior to the game and during timeouts or breaks in the action, then you make predictions about game actions, and how various players will do.  Your phone lets you know when new picks need to be made.  Make the correct predictions and score points redeemable for merchandise prizes.  Play along with friends and family near or far, you can chat them and others playing the game including celebrities, and pro athletes.   As you play the games you will earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise.   The more you play the more points you earn for bigger items.    Have fun playing the app as you watch and cheer for your teams.

How to start and play:

 1. Get signed up using the Players Reward Code: "urwinner" it will give you bonus tokens to start playing games. 
 2. You get tokens by buying them in packages, or for free by watching commercials, and sharing FireFan with others.
 3. You use the tokens to play the game, and buy in game premiums.  
 4. Pick a game that you will be watching or following then email invitations for others to join you.
 5. Prior to the game you will be asked a series of questions about the game action and how various players will do, then during time outs and changes in periods your phone will notify you when new questions are available.
6.For hardcore fans you can play 2 or more games at the same time.
7. If you made the correct predictions about game action you will score points.  Your phone will tell you how many points you have as well as the points of others that are playing that game.  Get bragging rights, and chat during the game.    
8. Collect points and redeem them for merchandise prizes like gift cards and other items, the more points you accumulate the bigger the prize.

Click the "Register Now!!!" button below,  Use the Players Reward Code: "urwinner" for bonus tokens. 

If you have a sports related business, restaurant, sports bar, or charity use the "Contact Info" tab and I will reply to you.

Thank You for registering, and enjoy playing games with the FireFan app.   
Ken Thompson an Independent Affiliate of United Games